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Why my garden has become my best friend...

When I sat down (about fifty times) to write this blog, I had a myriad of ideas. Odd sentences, things I wanted to say, wisdom's or mistakes (and there have been many of the latter) I can share.

Then it came it to me...

Gardening and the total love of it has slowly crept up on me, like the Tellman's Honeysuckle that I have been persevering with for years. I also came to the realisation that the more time I had to give my garden and the more time for this care I made, the more it gave back. Just like a great friendship, my mother has always and very wisely I think, said “ people in life are either gardeners or flower pickers”. I hadn't always understood this pearl of wisdom, but as I approach middle age this is perhaps one of the truest things she has ever told me. I have perhaps done both in life as have we all but I like to think as I get older and so called wiser that I prefer to be more mindful and garner the relationships I have and value. This includes my garden.

There was a time in my life when me and gardening where not mates and my mum (she will feature a lot as she encourages me or as my hubby sees it, ENABLES my addiction to flora) loves to regale the time I sulked around the hundredth family trip to a garden centre and said “ if you ever see me in one of these places, shoot me square in the head”.... Now I struggle to pass one, especially if I have not been to it before.

I am sat writing this in my newly acquired greenhouse, kindly donated by some friends. I am looking at my garden and seeing just how far it has come along and the transformation over the years. It has grown just like my enthusiasm and knowledge.

I have found my style, the plant schemes I love and even how to be bee and wildlife friendly.

My oldest friend in the garden is a beautiful and stately Royal William rose, and despite the incessant wind and freak weather of late he continues to bloom and provide deepest red roses.

He is the Grandfather of the garden and worthy of his place, I planted him after the birth of my eldest son William, who is twenty years old this September. He is surrounded by a huge bush of French Lavender, she is the companion to the rose and keeps some of the aphids off, reducing the need for pesticide. Like the rose she's an elderly stateswoman of the border but comes back year after year with a huge display of purple heads and a beautiful waft of scent when you walk past.

My garden is a little bit of me and a whole lot of love. This blog is the start of many things, my own business included and I intend to take everyone on my journey via the blog and share my progress and the planting of my new cottage garden border.

I would like to dedicate this first blog to my husband, he is being a huge help behind the scenes of Mrs P and is a marketing genius and lawn mower fixer extraordinaire, I love you! Also one of my closet friends, Holly. A incredibly strong and bright woman and my biggest cheer leader and feeder of positive thoughts and love. Thank you

Mrs P x

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